Screen stay in last frame when sequencer has been played

I have make a very sample sequencer in my first-person level, it contains a Cine Camera Actor , a Camera Cut track and a Fade track. I make it fade out from 0 to 1 in the end of cinematic then play in Blueprint.
My screen just stop in black(the last frame)when the cinematic finished, It should recover to the normal first-person view, right?
I try to close the fade track and the screen stop in sequencer’s last frame too.
What’s happen to the cinematic and how can i back to my view when the cine finish?

here is my test sequencer and bp:



Old but just in case someone else come here :
You will have to make a SetViewTargetWithBlend after the end of your sequencer in blueprint.
For the fade, my screen also stay black and StartCameraFade (on PlayerCameraManager) does not correct that. So you will have to create one last frame where your remove your fade… Not really awesome…

Open the level sequence, right-click anywhere on the background of the Fade track timeline (ie. the empty space between keyframes), go to Properties and play with the “Section > When Finished” property:


Note : it will be only available on 4.17 or adding a custom fix on the version 4.16.