Screen space widget component not triggering "on cursor over" event?

I’m trying to set up an interaction menu for objects that should become visible when you move your mouse cursor over the object, along with an outline for the object.


At first it works, however as soon as I move the cursor over the widget, both the outline and the widget start to flicker as it keeps calling an “end cursor over” event since the cursor is now over the widget and not the mesh, causing a enable/disable visibility loop.

I tried setting up a “on begin cursor over” event for the widget but it doesn’t do anything, so when I move the cursor over the widget, the game recognizes it’s not hovering the cube anymore, but doesn’t recognize it’s hovering the widget, even though I’ve enabled overlap events and all kinds of collision.

how can I overcome this?

So it does that no matter what, and screen space widgets apparently aren’t affected by collision channels / objects the same way 3d objects are.

so what would be the proper way to do this? checking hit results in the player controller and then using an interface to send calls?