Screen Space Reflections not working in 4.5 Preview Build

So i just installed the 4.5 preview build and loaded a few environments and noticed that the real-time (Screen Space) reflections are not working. It shows cube mapped reflections but that’s all.

Any ideas?

Check the performance settings, the defaults are probably set to medium instead of high. Let me know if this helps!

Is there a performance settings menu I’m missing? I went through the Project Settings and Editor Settings but i didn’t see anything for Performance Mode.

I did change the Target Hardware to Desktop and Maximum Quality under the Project Settings though.

I think devel meant Quick Settings > Engine Scalability Settings. I read somewhere that 4.5 is setting it to medium quality at the start regardless of your system so that may be the problem.

Yes, exactly :slight_smile: thanks

You guys are awesome! That was it, i never even knew about that menu! It was actually set to the lowest setting…