Screen Space Reflections do not update on scene capture 2d

Hello. I’m not entirely sure this is a bug or if it was meant to happen but using a scene capture 2d when it does not update every frame causes the reflection environment to not show up. Every other option works and toggles just as it should, just not the reflection environment. I have one setup that teleports to different socket locations and captures a different scene. I also have the tick set for every .0416 seconds and I update the scene capture content on that to control the FPS of the scene capture. Really helps out, I have two 780Ti’s and one scene capture at roughly 1366*768 takes from a consistent 120 to about 96 fps, with one 780Ti pumping I go from about 120 to about 60 or so. Limiting it to roughly 24 fps with the tick and updating the content maintains a consistent 120 FPS but the reflection environment does not show up. So I just toggle whether or not the render itself is active but that causes pretty radical fluctuations between 95 and 60 FPS but that keeps the reflection environment visible, which in what I’m making is a fair amount of important in making the environment believable. I’m not sure why not updating the capture every frame doesn’t capture the reflection environment. I get why activating and deactivating it does, it just does not save enough frames. having some sort of FPS limiter on scene capture 2d’s without diving into too much source would be fantastic if they become important enough.

Hi MrAdAbsurdum -

Can you clarify for me whether you are referring to the reflection environment in the whole level or the reflection environment as seen through the scene capture 2d? Also can you let me know in addition to the Capture every frame turned off whether the Capture Source is Final Color (LDR) or Scene Color (HDR)? Finally are you using a reflection capture actor and skylight or just Screen Space Reflection or both?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

-One thing to correct myself on, the actual reflection environment is indeed showing up, my screen space reflections are not, I’m used to lumping the entire thing into one explanation when talking with others. Gotta get that nomenclature down eventually.

The reflection environment as scene through the scene capture 2d does show up. The screen space reflections do not. In game through the players eyes it is fine. I use both a sky light and reflection cube/sphere. I have also used both LDR and HDR but currently use HDR. My level is built entirely with Dynamic lighting and I do have r.LightPropagationVolume=1 set in my console variables file so I can use GI and emissive dynamic area light. I have attempted without that set but had the same results.

Entire scene is essentially a security room that can be passed by with computers that can be interacted with. I already have another method controlling pawns to look through cameras, I was exploring this option and figured might as well, could use it for mirrors and whatnot, just happened to notice a pretty big difference when looking through it.

Set up a little picture. That’s just a point light down a long hallway and a scene capture(HDR). All the show flags are checked. Left side is with capture every frame unchecked and on the right it is checked. Main reason it caught my attention is normal and roughness/specular values don’t seem to show up much on the flooring because of the lack of reflections. The render target material is just placed on a BSP mesh, as a test, with the UVs messed around with to make the image a fit 1:1. The material itself is just the render target plugged into the emissive.

I also change the question name accordingly.

Hi MrAdAbsurdum -

Thank you for your patience. I was able to replicate this issue internally and have placed a bug report in to investigate a solution to it, for reference UE-22321.

As we investigate and get new information I will keep you informed here.

Thank you again for your help in tracking down this issue.

Eric Ketchum

Hi There,

I now got what I think is a similar issue. I have a reflective plane, and several SceneCapture2Ds. When I do the capture, they all have the screen space reflections of the pawn. which are very different, because the SceneCaptures 2D are in different areas.

I have tried the “capture every frame” trick and also set some priorities but nothing helps. Even disabling the “Screen space Reflections” in lighting features show flags" in the advanced parameters of the screen capture doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Were you ever able to solve this issue? I’m having the exact same problem - I have multiple scene capture components within my scene, but they all show the same screen space reflection as the main / pawn camera