Screen Space Reflections Camera Angle Problem

Hi. I am trying to make a water material with translucency and Screen Space Reflections on, but with different camera angles i get different results. Like in the screenshots. I’m trying to achieve something like in Picture1.

The more camera looks parallel with water surface, the more reflection i get.
What should i do to make those reflections permanent for every viewing angle? Thanks in advance.

As the name implies, it’s screen space reflections. It reflects only the stuff that is also visible on the screen. In the second picture, mountains aren’t on the screen, so they can’t be reflected. The grass part is there, so it’s in the reflection.

If you want something that is independent from view angle, you’d need to capture the scene with capture cube:

Be careful however, it renders the scene twice with full color and is thus very expensive.

Ok, got it. Thanks a lot for the explanation.

Is there no way to simply increase the viewable angle so that the reflections capture more of the environment outside of the camera’s FOV? This would be a much cheaper way than using full planar reflections but still allow you to tweak to your liking.