Screen Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO) or Dynamic GI

i would recommend to integrate Screen Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO) or Dynamic GI (i mean real dynamic gi so that point lights can also use it)

SSDO would indeed be a nice addition I think :slight_smile:
And I really hope realtime GI get’s implemented soon, I know Lionhead is working on LPV for UE4, but is that ever gonna finish?! Right now it’s pretty unusable

There’s nothing that Lionhead has for LPV that hasn’t been implemented into UE4 already. It’s just not a good dynamic GI solution.
The best options are Nvidia’s VXGI or the Distance Field GI, which is currently a WIP.

Ok then, is VXGI being implemented?
I really don’t want to build the engine myself, as the UE4 version Nvidia offers with VXGI at github is still pretty old :confused:

You’ll still have to build it yourself, but that’s not necessarily a big issue, you don’t always want to upgrade to the latest version of the engine unless there’s a specific feature you want. If the version you’re using works, it’s better to stick with it since updating might break your project. The current version isn’t that old, it’s like 4.7 something.

I’m requested that before and today i find this
*“Screen Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO) or Dynamic GI” aren’t the same thing.

@Hevedy i think SSDO is a alternative version of Dynamic GI from my point of view because it also offers color bleeding and thats what i want to have and for the VGXI, its only possible at the moment to have it for i think it was nvidia 900+ graphic cards and i have an AMD and i also think that not everybody has enough money to own such a card.

and does this support also point lights?

You do not need a GTX 9xx, or even an Nvidia card to use VXGI in UE4.

Also check out this thread about dynamic GI, seems like you’re not aware of current GI development.
Support of point lights is only a matter of time.

Well i’m not sure 100% but in the 4.8 final release you will have the Dynamic GI throw LPV or DFGI you can select and the LPV have SSDO.
The SSDO is an different version of the SSAO (Shadows in the screen space) and no GI. And the color bleeding its for reduce the dark effect of the AO in some sides. (If i’m wrong please correct me)

@Hevedy look at this:

What you see in the video are screen space AO no “true shadows”.

@Hevedy yes but with color bleeding

You can also check out this :
Been working on it, just another alternative to VXGI or DFGI

Some sort of “directional occlusion” is easily doable for relatively cheap performance, and may be needed to extend dynamic GI anyway. If enough people wanted it I imagine Epic would put it on the roadmap.

I want conservative rasterization tier 3 GPUs…

I think that you are confusing the color bleeding that cryengine uses since version 3.7 for its directional oclusion that prevents it from shadowing bright parts of the scene , that is not global ilumination , gi is lightning bouncing from a surface to another and not stoping the first time it hits something .

I think that too.

I think what he meant was that the color bleeding in SSDO creates a similar effect as GI, but cheaper ; so it would increase quality of the scene without hitting FPS as much as real GI :slight_smile:

yes this is what i mean and by the way the VXGI version of UE4 dont work for me cause i need some module that only nvidia cards or so have and the SSDO version of UE4 dont have color bleeding , so thanks you “proffessors” for your lies.