Screen Space based death on multiplayer

Me and my group are making a platform fighter for a class project and I’m working on getting players to die based on how far they are off the screen. Right now my way of doing it is getting the their screen position with the project to screen node and the using the viewport size to figure out if theyre a certain percentage off of the screen. Right now it works with player one but every other player doesn’t die, they just fall infinitely.

I set up the view targets with an array of controllers thats maintained in the game mode. I can use multiple controllers for different characters and you can see the player controller get spawned in the wold outliner so I’m pretty sure that’s all working and I’m not sure what else to look at at this point. Does anyone have any ideas?

Well I fixed it, I guess I can’t have a camera be the view target for multiple player controllers? So I just switch the player view it works on be the player controller at index 0 and now everything is working fine