Screen Shot Comparison quide

Hi guys.

What are correct steps to use screenshot comparison ?

My initial quess was Run instance of game and also run instance UnrealFrontend. In UnrealFrontend I select my instance of game, and in Automation tab I select Performance Capture ( under System->Maps-> ). This test passes with “ok” status. But no screenshots were generated.

Then I tried to create Functional Test BP where I called
StartText->TakeAutomationScreenshot->FinishTest. I not sure where shuld I put this BP, so I put it on my only map. Then started UnrealFrontend, run tests and still nothing.

So It’s 99% possible I’m doing something wrong ( documentation doesn’t help to much ).

Does any of you manage to use screenshot comparison ? What are correct steps ?

Thanks a lot.

Okay, I can put FunctionalTestBP on scene and call this test from Unreal Frontend, but I can’t achieve of comparsion. Each time it just ovewrites the old screenshot. There is something I need to change after each screenshot I quess.

Hi, do you find solution? I have problem with screenshot comparison too.

Life - pain :frowning:

Hi, I spend some time on it but I didn’t find solution, so I switched to more important tasks. :slight_smile: This was just something nice to have, but not crucial. Sorry I can’t help you more.