Screen resolution on mobile (android)

Screen resolution on mobile (android)

Hi! I have suspicions about real screen resolution used in postprocessing on mobile.
It may be device specific, but I dont have more phones to check.
Im using cutom postprocess material for CRT look, it works fine on PC.

On mobile it looks OK with “fully” 3D objects, like template FPS.
But when I use it for primitive stuff where each pixel is important I notice
more red pixels on bottom (right landscape) of the screen, so for example monochorome green - blue objects are blurred out.
It looks like final image of “engine” is scaled again or something.
May it be IPS issue as I test it on PC with standart LCD?

Its better to turn off any blurr, eye-adaptation and smothing if you want to test this asset.

Saw that topic earlier but did not think that it might have an effect. Yes, it affects my problem, but apparently something else is wrong.
First picture is with standard settings; second one is after I put 1 in all “not 1” MobileContentScaleFactor in all profiles where “android” word was.
By editing ini I understand “Windows > Developer Tools > Device Profiles > Open Device Profile > Rendering > r.MobileContentScaleFactor”; do I need to edit ini manually on android device?

If I turn off mobile HDR I have no post process at all, even standard bloom/jitter in post process volume doesn’t work. Seems its common:…r-enabled.html
More info! On 32bit PC system all works fine, so its android related. Tried to launch this on some android emulators. Here familiar results for bluestacks, pattern depends on window size.

BTW erlier I had issue with “non-square” “non-power_of_2” textures doesn’t work on mobile (like not 256x256 or 1024x1024). As I remember it was no way for PC in UE2 so I figured it out. Maybe this postprocess is same situation and I should givup and just dont use it, as target device is mobile only?