Screen Reader Compatability


This may be a long shot, but has anyone figured out a way to make games created in UE4 accessible and usable by a screen reader? Currently I am developing for / with android devices, and have no way to test it on IPhones as of yet… but I would assume the process and requirements would be the same.

I am using blueprints for the creation of the game (so using blueprints would be ideal), but could be open to other options if helps solve the problem.

The game I am making is primarily text based, with a few images, but generally the bulk of the game is text. So far as I can tell, buttons and text aren’t even really visible to the screen reader… which means that when the player clicks on a button, the screen reader will give no details about the button, and it can’t be clicked on.

Ideally the solution would not require the user to turn off their screen reader, because that would be a massive inconvenience to them and defeat the purpose.