Screen Percent has no effect on SceneCapture2D result

Hi all,

I’m using the UE v4.18 with the airsim plugin for research. The application for which I’m using it consists in capturing the images seen by the camera of a drone along a prerecorded trajectory and in storing them on a drive. In order to increase the quality of the shots (mainly by removing aliasing as much as possible), I wanted to cramp up the Screen Percent value of the SceneCapture2D elements which are used to get my renders, but it doesn’t work.

Everything is setup in C++. I’m able to successfully change other PostProcessing properties of the corresponding SceneCapture2D elements (such as the autoexposure parameters for example). But, I’m unable to make the screen percent value have any affect on the image rendered (in this case, images are rendered in a TextureRenderTarget2D if that matters).

Is it normal or a bug? Would there be a workaround to achieve a similar effect without using the screen percent value?

Thanks in advance for your help

PS : The screen percent value works properly on all regular cameras and still doesn’t work with SceneCapture2D elements when set globally (via the command line).

Hey Mfonder,
The result of a render target (result of a 2d scene capture) is not dynamically changeable unfortunately. but you can set the texture size in the settings of the render target here

the circled area is where you can set the resolution

Hope this helps