Screen flipped upside down.

I was placing static meshes, and I think held down left and right click on my mouse at the same time or something, because my editor screen flipped upside down (only the game itself). How do I revert it back to its correct position?

How the heck did you manage that? lol Can you post a screenshot please? And when you say only the game itself do you mean in game or the editor viewport?

:stuck_out_tongue: pretty strange

Have you already tried to reset your window or your project settings?

-> window tab - reset layout
-> project settings - reset every tab

Neither worked. :frowning:

That’s so funny and weird at the same time. You should post this on AnswerHub and give as many information as you can about what might have caused it.

By the way, is it still upside down when you create a new project?

No, its just that map.

Could you accidentally have flipped/rotated all the objects inside that map?

No, the three arrow things :slight_smile: in the bottom left corner are also flipped.

Make screenshot of it and post here.

He did …?

HI Noahdutch,

I’m really curious about this one. Would you mind attaching the .umap file for this? I couldn’t tell from the image if you still have the Sky_Sphere with the clouds.

I’ve attached an image of what I have done to recreate this. Using the the standard movements with the mouse you cannot flip the screen like this. However, if you hold ALT and Click-LMB you will get orbit movement like in most 3d modeling software packages. This will allow you to achieve this “flipped” viewport.




I’ve done this accidentally before too, when using alt to try to duplicate a mesh and fumbling a bit with the mouse. You should just be able to hold alt and drag in the viewport to correct the camera. Alternatively, if you start a play in editor session and then end it, your camera should be left wherever it was when you stopped playing, right-side up.