Screen door material

Hey guys…

I’m looking to know if is possible to make a screen door material and get a decent quality when i’m close and when i’m far from the door screen. Because at the moment i got something not really fonctionnal here :s

Take a look!


Nobody ???

well that had to do something with pixels and subdivisions, in vray you have option for that, I have no idea do you have in UT, but I would create bigger wire mesh, so holes were bigger :slight_smile:

“Texture Masking” technique might be usefull in your case.

Inside the actual texture map you can play with the MipGen settings in case purposefully blurring or sharpening it makes a difference. Otherwise you can make two separate textures for close and far and then Lerp between them in the material based on camera distance. But you’re right, it’s a major problem that comes up a lot. Let us know what works.

This kind of pattern is always difficult in unreal. My suggestion would be to avoid using a screen door. Is it mandatory in your scene?