Screen Capture Software?


If I would like to showcase what I’ve done so far, does anyone have any recommendations for screen recording software? Also, whats the best way of recording a project in UE4?

Either Camtasia (not free) or Shadowplay (free).

i use Action!, it’s a much cheaper version of camtasia

Yeah I’ve seen Shadowplay, however I think you can only record your last 5 minutes of gameplay, or something like that. Will Camtasia lower my framerate at all?

Take a look at this thread: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?60026-What-program-do-you-use-for-screencapturing&highlight=Screen+Capture+Software :slight_smile:

When you just want to record the gameplay/a showcase of your level you could also use matinee -> will give you the best quality :wink:

Oh man, I forgot that one! Yeah Action! is good. :slight_smile:

I use Shadowplay (Nvidia Specific for GTX650 and up type video cards). You can record as much footage as you want using the Alt+F9 keystroke. The 5-20 minute buffer limitation is for when something cool happens in game and you want to save a snapshot of that event using the Alt+F10 keystroke. To use it, you must install GeForce experience software on your computer (i.e. Free from Nvidia). One thing with shadowplay is that it creates videos with variable framerates. Some playback software doesn’t handle this situation correctly. So after I record my videos I’ve been using a program called Handbrake to then convert the shadowplay videos to constant framerate videos.

For those who have used camtasia and action! Which is the best performance wise?

I haven’t seen much of a difference in performance but I haven’t used camtasia in a while. The biggest difference is action doesn’t have a video editor included.

Camtasia is good but i had lagging issues (not Unreal or Camtasia but just the final video). I tried Action! once and i like it. But download both (Trial is available for both of 'em) and try them out. Anyway since i have an NVIDIA card i now use ShadowPlay to record videos and Camtasia to edit 'em.

Would shadowplay capture the UE4 editor by any chance? Or is it exclusive to games?

It can be set to grab the entire desktop, so editor capture works fine.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is also free and has lots of options (runs pretty well too), can capture games and programs

Thanks , I’ll check it out then.

i use camstudio, its free, but i not check others. will try OBS next time.

I’ve been using OBS for a while, and while it’s not as convenient as shadowplay, it’s miles ahead in terms of performance and quality. It can capture just about anything, to boot.

Yeah, have to echo 's and Havoc’s recommendation for OBS. Just gave it a shot - lazy friday evening here - and that is some pretty powerful stuff.

As always with open source initiatives, the UX leaves a lot to be desired (eeep!) but purely from a technical POV, it’s clearly waaaaaay more capable than Shadowplay, and seems to perform really well even on my poor old laptop (i7 Q740, 6 GB, GTX 460M) which is great since that particular GPU is too old to enjoy Shadowplay support anyway.

I use action for screen capturing.