Screen Capture as Video Source?

Hey there.

I am able to get my webcam into UE4 as a source with no problem, but I am looking to screen capture in it’s place. When I go into a media player and select a video source, only my physical webcam shows up. I have tried OBS Virtual Camera and got nothing, as well as Webcamoid and LogiCapture. It seems that Windows doesn’t recognize them as devices.

However, it does seem like it is possible to get a virtual webcam source in there because I downloaded and tested SnapCam and, although it doesn’t have the capability to screencap, was available as a video source in UE4.

Does anyone know any workarounds to get LogiCapture or OBS Virtual Cam to show up as a source? If not, does anyone know of any apps that can screencap that will show up as an option in UE4?