Screeching noise and GPU increase in content browser?

Anyone else having this? When I’m in the content browser, and I click into a folder to reveal meshes or textures, my gpu temps increase and makes a weird noise. I know it isn’t my card since I just bought a new one 3 days ago and this happened with the old one as well. Is there a reason for this? And sorry if this is the wrong section, didn’t know where else to post this and the answer hub doesn’t seem to get much traffic.

Sry for NecroBumping, but i’ve this issue too

What GPU do you have?

Yup gpu can make a very annoying sound sometimes. Coil Whine as Fast As Possible - YouTube

It’s capacitor whine usually, comes from having insanely high framerates when in the content browser. Nothing really to worry about, although might be worth putting the frame lock on if it gets really bad.

What power supply do you use? A better power supply (better not more wattage there is a difference) can help though it is no guarantee.