SCP:Containment Breach , legal to adapt?

SCP:Containment Breach

I know about this game for some time, Its a ******* masterpiece in horror survival!

Not just because its spooky but because the theme allows for adding elements whose behavior does not need to be explained. That makes it so much expandable and leaves room for so much imagination. That imagination advantage can be seen in all the SCPs the community write about which were later taken into the game.

Anyway to my point, I know its a **** tonn of work and management to build a game like that, but that’s not my primary concern. What I wanted to know more is if the original authors hold any copyrights on the idea and the game story.

So far I haven’t been able to find a way to contact the original developers, it seems there was only one programmer Joonas Rikkonen , I can’t find any contact emails on the game page either. I also tried to find any licensing terms related to the game to no avail. Its a free game though , but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its free to copy it.

Since this was a indie game and a extremely small team made it ,its difficult to find enough info about the makers. can anyone help me resolve this? I want to say make something like a reboot of SCP:Containment breach on UE4. And yeah I know its a giant task so don’t tell me it cannot be done in one day and bla bla , I’m fairly experienced UE4 user so I know what I am talking about.

When you want to recreate this game, you will surely have to contact the developers, because it’s under copyright. When you dont find any contact information, I personally would recommend you to ask in their forum :smiley:

Aren’t the SCP games based on fictional case files on a site of the same name?

If I’m right, and the games were based off the site (no vice versa), then I think it’s really the original creator of the SCP site you need to contact.

I’d like some conformation on this though.

~ Jason

You’re right. i don’t even think the original game even had to ask for permission since its a Creative Commons Licence.

DERP! Yeah it seems so , I just stumbled upon the game first and later the wiki that’s why I thought game came first then expanded feeding on its wiki.

Anyway reading the licence shows coast is clear to do anything as long as it stays free, It can also sell if you can workaround legal ******** and still then cc wont allow you to enforce any copyright on derivative work on some of the content e.g. the scp-173.

So a free game is a full go without problem with proper credits given to wiki.

This is a free game and as long you keep clear who original created it and keep it free… You are good to recreate every single milimeter.
And even set it free downloadable.

But you might think this over… what is the Point in recreating a game that is for free and in good hands?

Whats the point of recreation?? And what do you think u will achieve?

The main idea here is skills demonstration in UE4 and have something fun to work on in free time. Freedom to distribute the work means more people can enjoy and see what you and anyone involved in this project can do.

Recreating a game does not mean copying it completely 100%. There’s plenty room to modify and add new ideas, like new game mechanics, new SCPs or even new gameplay modes like co-op, but that’s what time will tell.

Of course I completely agree that the original game is outstanding as it is and very nicely made. I’m not planning to make this because I think that original game is bad but because its so attractive idea (the SCPs) . Hey its always better to try making something similar to a small indie game rather than some others who are like Lets make the nextgen MMO RPS Call of battlefield:Crysis 3 :smiley:

At the very first glance you can see the major features of the game most importantly the random room generation mechanism and the blinking. These are something very well suited to UE4’s blueprinting system. So its rather both like a test and learning exercise to implement them in UE4.

Thanks for the clarification…

And responding to my call for backup, haha.

~ Jason

If you have a passion for the project, I say go for it.

Nothing wrong with doing what YOU want to do.

~ Jason

Jason, the 2nd link in your signature is invalid. I also agree with Jason, if you wan’t to do something, DO IT.

Thanks for the save!

I change the thread title and forgot to change to link.

Thank you for agreeing as well.

~ Jason

Nice question, SCP: stroiresCB is a really cool game. The game is based on the stories on the SCP wiki The game is free so no copyrights. I think you would be able to recreate it in Unreal, that would be cool. And someone recreated it in Unity and they were fine. And the original game is already of low quality.