Scorpions in Caves: Refuse to Follow Bug?

I’m just getting started and the first thing I want to do is locate and fix the bug that causes scorpions in caves to refuse to follow but scorpions spawned outside of caves follow just fine.

I’ve done some digging and the only difference I have been able to find so far is an NPC Spawn Offsets difference in the spawners. Scorp entries in spawners outside of caves have values entered. In caves they all have zeros. Could that cause it?

I also noticed that the scorps do not have a saddle folder but I am assuming they just use a generic version of the saddle, hence no folder.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I think this happens with all Dinos that spawn in caves - i remember someone posting about this before - maybe they will see this and let you know if they found out why!

NPC Spawn offset is just used when it is spawning more than one NPC at a time, it tells it how far apart to spawn from each other (or some along these lines)

And yeah, Scorps use one of the generic saddles :slight_smile:

the same issue is see with aquatic dino, it seem that when changing sector of the map (or sub-level) the dino lost track of the thing it was following it’s annoying with dolphin too, i need to stop take my saddle swim to the other dolphin ride it in the new sector and repeat each time i change sector…

im pretty sure they said they stuffed it in the update same as sarco tails ect just wait till the next update :slight_smile:

the issue with dolphin is still in the game so they didn’t correct it for now :confused:

least my sarco doesnt look like a skunk now :smiley: