Scoring - Adding icons for certain score amount?

Hello, I am new to UE. I am currently taking a class and am curious on how to get a gold star when my player hits a certain amount of items.
A little background - I am creating a prototype of a game given to me. With in the game I have to count down the score (which I have already done - works great), but my problem is that I am not sure how to include when the player hits like 10 items that get a gold star. I currently am using blueprints instead of C++, but I enjoy it am just a little lost as to how to make everything work. Any help would be greatly appreciated as to how I would implement the extra part.

Hi KTO088,

Here’s a basic set up to display an image based on a numeric value. I don’t know how much you already know about UE or blueprints, so forgive me if I over-explain something.

First, you’ll need to add an image to your widget. You can assign a texture to it under Brush → Image. Then, you’ll need to hide it. That setting is under Behavior → Visibility. Change this to hidden.

Then in the Widget’s code after you update the score, add a branch to check if it equals 10. From true add a set visibility node with the star image as the target.

Now the star will appear in game. Hope that clears it up!