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I have been trying to figure out the UE4 load system for a while now. The money is successfully saved but it only shows on the text block when I purchase an item. No matter what, I cant get it to show 24/7 when on the blueprint.

Could you provide some more detail? What is it that you are trying to do? What load system is it that you are referring to? Are you working in UMG?

Thank you for the response. I am trying to get a text block to tell you the amount of money you have. The main problem is I cannot connect the “get text block” to the “as save” on cast to save because they do not go together. Once I go out of the blueprint the text resets back to nothing.

Please post pictures of the Blueprints that are involved. Without actual “code” it’s pretty hard to see what is going on (:

what is your email? It wont show the image.

thank you so much I have been working on this problem forever!

Please use to create screenshots (:

I have to leave so I will have the screenshot done by 8:30.


got it done :slight_smile:

the text block only shows the money when I click “buy”.

After I switch over to another widget It resets to nothing.


When do you actually Set the Text? What do you mean by “Switch over”? Do you remove the Widget from Parent and re-add it?
If you do that, do you call “Create Widget” again, or did you save the Widget Reference and add it back to the viewport?
Do you fill the Text via the “Event Construct”, so it will be filled every time the Widget is added to the Viewport?
Do you have a Binding for the Text value?

Please don’t only show some code from the middle of the whole logic.
I need multiple pictures that show everything that belongs to your logic.

I can’t even tell where these 2 exec lines come from. ):

I assume you only set the Text when you actually call the logic in your screenshot.
You need to cut off logic from a widget! Widgets are UI Elements. UI is meant to DISPLAY information, not to
load stuff, calculate stuff, spawn stuff, etc.

Do the Loading/Buying/Saving stuff in your PlayerController. Save the Current Money in your PlayerController too (extra Variable).
Bind this Variable to the Text, so it can always get the value, even without buy/loading.

If you have trouble with “Binding” the Variable, that is inside your PlayerController at this time, to the Text of the Widget, then please
make sure to watch the Blueprint Communication Tutorials of Epic as well as Tutorials about Widget and Blueprint Communication.

It’s essential that you understand this first.

yes, I will watch those tutorials.

Here is another screenshot:

thanks for the help

I am trying to cast the value to the text.

It doesn’t work