Score system help

I have this BP scoring system that show on screen the score with a HUD. What i want is to when i got like 50 points make a screen text showing for 5 seconds. There are my graphs.!

[alt text][2]

[alt text][3]

When the scores are being added, just check to see if the new total >= 50 and if it is true you use the Print node.


Well I think he is looking for something kind of like ark, where you get 50 points and it shows in the screen for a short period. I can do a video on it, but would be a pain to try and explain by text

I think this with the sum but i have to get when its true to enter in my blue print level and show a HUD for like 5 secs.

If you can just fix my graph and put there a picture will do more for me …

There is nothing wrong with your graph it adds a widget to the viewport.

Just did this how can i make it appear only for few seconds and connect the Adjust node to more than one for example 50 points 1 hud , 100 other … i got only remove all witdget but i don´t want to remove my score widget.

Ok done i got what i need!