Score Multiplier System

I have created a simple Multiplier system that multiplies the score every time the player/ball passes through it.

Basically what I am trying to do is stop adding the multiply after the 6th (x6) the ball has passed through it.

This is having my life so bad right now and I feel as though I should know how to do it, for the sake of my sanity, please help! :slight_smile:

just use <= or >= node and then branch to stap adding multiplier if consideration of the node is indicates value 6 or higher. Other way is use Minimum node and plug multiplier variable set 6 on other pin and set the multiplier with result of the node after ++, this will set Multiplier back to 6 if it goes higher.

Thanks ever so much, I knew it was something very straight forward that I was missing, much appreciated!

There is also a Do N Times node (or similar name)