score counter counting to slow when using event tick

Hi guys,

I am working on a score counter for my game which adds every point earned during gameplay.

-Scores given range from 5 pts to 2000 pts.
-Score is updated (Add value) very often during game play. Sometimes just seconds apart.
-I set up the score counter like this in blueprint:
EVENT TICK ----> SET SCORE COUNT INTEGET For each tick +1 is added to the count. Currently its counting around 30 pts per second. When adding a score of 2000 however it takes too long for the counter to finish.

The problem I am having is that the counter is not finished counting the previous received value to the score when receiving the next new value.
How can I make the score counter count faster?


Have you tried using Set Timer function? Don’t recommend using Event Tick as it is frame dependent.

You could also add delta seconds to your value, instead. This should give you a value of 1 per second.