Score BP?

Ok thanks for that I’ll give it a go and get back to you, many thanks, it’s massively appreciated.

Firstly apologies for the late reply I’ve got a pretty nasty flu, but I’m having the following problem:

In the score trigger BP I can’t connect the “Cast to player character” (which in my case is the “FirstPersonCharacter” BP) to the “target player state” node, it throws up a “First person character reference is not compatible with controller reference” error.

I’d really appreciate some help.

Many thanks,

Pull out the “As PlayerCharacter” pin of the cast node and then search for the “PlayerState” variable. As I’ve written, the PlayerState can be accessed from PlayerCharacter AND PlayerController.

You probably searched for the node without actually having the PlayerCharacter pin pulled out, so you accidentally grabbed the PlayerController variable. That, of course, can’t be connected with a PlayerCharacter.

You were right and it all seems to compile now, However it still doesn’t work.

I’ve dragged out the two trigger BPs and stuck them in my map, what am I doing wrong, how many of the created BPs need to be placed in the map?

I very much appreciate all your kind help!

Oh yeah, sorry, you need to place the two Triggers into your world, but you also need to tell the Game that it should use your new classes.

Do you know the GameMode class? It’s the one you set your PlayerCharacter class in. That one also has drop down menus for the GameState and PlayerState.
You also want these to be set correctly.

If you don’t know the GameMode class, create a new Blueprint Class of type Actor. When you open it, you should see multiple drop down menus for different Classes.
That’s the thing I mean. You then need to set the GameMode to be the default one in the Project Settings and Maps and Nodes or in the Blueprint menu at the top bar,
when you map is opened.

Ah ok, as for game mode class I’m unsure, I’m actually using the actual first person player character that comes with ue4.

Please bear with me, I’ll get to the bottom of this tomorrow as I’ve left work now, but your help is MASSIVELY APPRECIATED!

Thank you so much!

I can’t get it to work for some reason.

My GameModeOverride in the “World Settings” panel is “FirstPersonGameMode” I’ve set the “Game State Class” and “Player State Class” to my newly created blueprints: “BP_GameState” and “BP_PlayerState” respectively and made the same changes in project settings under the “Maps and Modes” section.

I’ve also tried creating a new BP of type actor, however when I open it, I can’t seem to see the drop downs for different classes?

I’d REALLY appreciate some help.


Can you explain what exactly is not working? Does the Widget not show up?
Test it without the adding of the score, so just try to get the Widget to show up.

Put a PrintString Node behind the Overlap Event of the EndTrigger and check if it even registers the overlap.

Hi eXi,

after I’ve set the game state and player state classes and stuck the triggers in the map, the widget doesn’t show up and it doesn’t seem to do anything.

I’ll check your suggestions, additionally I can upload the project and you can have a look at it so you can see where I’m going wrong, if that’ll help?

Thanks for all your very kind advice.

Yeah, upload the project if you want. That might speed it up.

PS: Make sure to remove all folders but CONTENT and CONFIG.
I do not need the saved folder. If your project has STARTER CONTENT in the CONTENT folder, you can also delete that.
Then the upload is really small.

(Don’t forget the uproject file of course)

Ok I’ll get this to you tomorrow evening.

Thank you so much for all your kind help eXi!