Score Binding Error's...

I have everything working correctly, I just can’t seem to get my Scoring set up to Bind with the UMG Text. I keep getting Errors.

Here are some Screenshots to help to see if you guys can see what i am not seeing.


This is my Point Setup with the Display widget setup


This is the Setup that should display the Score


And these are the Errors i keep getting…

I know am probably putting to much into it and i’m missing something simple

You are casting an impossible cast;
Read warning.

You could only cast to PaddleMovement if it were a child of PlayerController, but it is not.

Ok so what would replace the PlayerController with? i’ve tired dragging off from the object and just getting a Reference to Self and it still gives me the same Error…

Or is it that i am Casting to the wrong place? because my Point Setup is in my Paddle BluePrint? i 've also tired just this…


And i still get the same thing?

For performance reasons you shouldn’t bind to a UMG object anyway because it will update per frame (tick). It is better to use a timer and have it check every tenth of a second or so, unless your game score NEEDS to be updated 60 times per second. Either way you choose, I recommend you setup a Blueprint Interface to communicate between the Player/Paddle and UMG.

This is a good tutorial series for UMG and Communication therewith.