Scopes, LODs & Max Draw Distances

Hi guys,

I want to make a sniper scope which I know is done by reducing the FOV from let’s say 90 to 20, to zoom in.

So let’s say I have a scene. When I move far away from the objects, they switch to far LODs as they should. When I switch to the scope and change the FOV to 20 the objects switch to more highly detailed LODs because the whole system works based on the object’s screen size. That’s perfect.

But the objects also have Max Draw Distances setup; so when I’m far away, some of the objects in the scene are hidden. But because this system is based off the actual distance between the player and the objects, when I switch to the scope, they remain hidden despite the FOV change.

There is a view distance formula in the engine that changes the Max Draw Distance based on your setting (Medium, Epic etc…), is there a way to tinker with that formula when the scope is on to make the hidden things appear as if I’m closer than I actually am?

Is there a command to Max Draw distances while in scope mode?

What is the solution to this?


Keep meaning to look into this.
Had a note about this:

/** Scales the distance used by LOD. Set to values greater than 1 to cause the scene capture to use lower LODs than the main view to speed up the scene capture pass. */
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category=PlanarReflection, meta=(UIMin = ".1", UIMax = "10"), AdvancedDisplay)
float LODDistanceFactor;