Scifi Slum - Artstation Challenge

Hiya guys,

I’m currently working on the challenge that is going on artstation on this is going to be a thread that is going to run along side the one on artstatiom.

"The story of this journey involves the transition from the strongly overpopulated slums to the more advanced/educated regions on the far side of the gigantic city.
The richer educated areas are going to be walled off by a big wall that is still under construction. These area is going to look more modern and sleek and are made from mainly concrete/steel with a little futuristic touch.

The focus is going to be on a street that runs through these settings until they reach the advanced areas, like you see in the streets of new york."

Currently working on the blockout of the parts themself for the level as you can see.


Any feedback is welcome, as this is the biggest project I have ever done =D

cool layout so far!

Love what you are doing here and where you are heading with it, did notice though the lights on the walls all seem too uniform, some would be dimmer partly broken, others flickering (tricky to do in a still image I know) more decay needed, I keep thinking Blade Runner :slight_smile:

woooooooh, I really like the perspective and design shown in that second screenshot. I agree with Linz’s comment about the lights, but I also understand this is a rough blockout too.

So much potential, I can’t wait to see what you do next with it!

Thanks man!

Thanks! =D
And ooowh yeah, definitely going to add more damage and different lights in there, now I’m just adding them to see if the lights don’t flood the scene as a whole.
Also yeah, Blade runner keeps popping into my mind to but I try to steer away from it a bit by not looking at it to much, or else I’m just going to copy loads of things from it :smiley: Such an awesome movie man…

Thanks man! :smiley: Will try to keep you guys up to date once in a while, for a more updated version just visit my artstation ( (Will try do to updates every day after this holiday).

And another update for you guys!
Going on a trip starting tomorrow so I will be back somewhere at the end of the week or next week.

Little update on the blockout and adding in some more props that more define the scale of things.


Let me know what you guys think! and see you next week :smiley:

Should I continue?

Hiya guys!
Just got back from a week vacation in Belgium that ended in me getting a fever and left me unable to work for another week…

So in short, I lost 2 weeks for the artstation challenge.
So I am in doubt whether to take a step aside for this one although I feel bad doing so…

Maybe you guys can help me decide?

Here is a small update from the last 2 days nevertheless.


Another update for you guys! Still a lot to do but getting there, slowly.


Have a look over at my artstation to follow the progress

Wow, It has been a while since I posted anything up here, so let me add a couple off updates to bridge that gap haha :smiley:






Currently busy with making the scene a bit more readable and guiding the eye towards the end point.
Still a lot more to be done!