SCIFI SHORT FILM (more than 150 VFX Shots rendered in 4 months)

Hey guys!, let me show you this independent project called Invasion2040, i started 4 years ago, and in the pandemic, i move to Unreal all my pipeline (before i worked in Lightwave 3d and Octane Render) Thanks to Unreal Engine, this project was released some months ago. Check the trailer:

And the Short:

There is some shots in Octane and some in Unreal (more than 150 vfx shots) done in 4 months!. Actually we are moving in to a web serie 100% animated using this pipeline. Character Creator / Iclone 7 and Unreal 4 and now, Unreal 5.

This is an intervew, where i talked about the develop:

All characters where done in Zbrush, Substance Painter, Character Creator and Lightwave 3d. Then all imported in to UE.

Thanks for watch!. More info at: or

Hey this amazing man!
Congratz on the job!
I’m doing a short film as well in Unreal. And to see other people being sucessfull makes me super happy.
Good luck on the web series!

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Thank you!!, good luck too with your short. UE is perfect for this!.

Wow, it’s really a great short :smiley:

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Very nice work!! I Love the concept.

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Thank you!

Thank you so much!