Scifi 'populate' pack

Hello Folks :wink:

Here is my new pack, more than 500 modular assets for ‘populating’ your Sci-Fi scenes, PBR friendly

Consider this thread as a support thread aswell

– Demo Level –

– Technical Details –

438 StaticMeshes (96 custom made LOD1, from 2 to 7K tris)
43 Blueprint objects (15 objects + 28 ‘Spline’ objects)
32 Materials (8 master Materials + 24 Material instances)
18 SkeletalMeshes (with custom Animations)
15 Textures (Textures range from 256² to a 4096² Atlas)

Engine Compatibility: 4.15
Intended Platform: PC/Consoles/Mobiles
Platforms Tested: Windows

.Important\Additional Notes: 

1/ The 'Space Station' DemoLevel has additional content listed as below:

	- 6 Blueprint Objects
	- 4 Materials (2 Master + 2 Instances)
	- 8 Sound Cues
	- 9 sound Waves
	- 8 StaticMeshes
	- 1 IES File format

2/ The 'MoreInfos' scene contains more informations about the Blueprint objects, some Staticmeshes assemblies and some colorization examples

– Overview –


– A walkthrough of my overview level –


– BluePrint objects demonstration –

• More screenies •



– Price –

49.99 USD


Not bad, I like the clear console hologram red orange rimmed screens in the dark. They’re nice. What year is this pack representing?
Is this a ship interiors only pack? I don’t see any sci-fi doors or wall panels yet in this pack to allow me to construct a city. The
chairs however look good. So it maybe more ship interior orientated than outdoors city. But its a nice pack…

Great job! Remember me Alien Isolation art =)

Thanks for commenting!
For the year i don’t know…that’s a good question ;).
Indeed, this pack is for populating your scifi interiors. If you want some walls, panels, ceiling, pillars…just look at my other pack -SciFi Props Pack- in my signature :wink:

Thanks for kind words! I loved this game so much :wink:

compatible version 4.16

compatible version 4.17

compatible version 4.18

compatible version 4.19

compatible version 4.20

The Hal300 static mesh won’t load in 4.20. Did Epic pull it? They’ve quietly done this with other asset packs before.

Sorry for late reply, i wasn’t able to connect to my account since august !!!

EDIT 11/12/2018: indeed, for some reason, this unique mesh won’t load :confused: I think Epic pulled it.

Compatible version 4.21

Question about the Cryopod Monitor- I have a row of 10 Cryopods each with their own monitor. Is there a way to offset each screen’s animation where they going through the animation sequence differently? Right now if I look at it, they are all starting and stopping the animation sequence at the same time.

Hello and sorry for late reply ^^

I am not sure here since i am not a ninja skillzed blueprint guy ^^ Perhaps if i remember good, you could try the ‘Delay’ node for the animation to be played…in the blueprint itself. I guess you would have to create a new blueprint with this ‘Delay’ setting for each monitor. I hope it will help ^^


Compatible version 4.22

Compatible version 4.23

Compatible version 4.24

Compatible version 4.25

Compatible version 4.26


I just bought your pack and sadly, it is not compatible with UE 4.15.0 as advertised on the marketplace. I don’t want to make you bad publicity here because I think it look like a awesome pack so I post the details at the marketplace. I’m sure it can be fix easily.