SciFi 'Populate' Pack

Hello Folks :wink:

Here is my new pack, more than 500 modular assets for ‘populating’ your Sci-Fi scenes, PBR friendly

– Demo Level –

– Technical Details –

438 StaticMeshes (96 custom made LOD1, from 2 to 7K tris)
43 Blueprint objects (15 objects + 28 ‘Spline’ objects)
32 Materials (8 master Materials + 24 Material instances)
18 SkeletalMeshes (with custom Animations)
15 Textures (Textures range from 256² to a 4096² Atlas)

Engine Compatibility: 4.15
Intended Platform: PC/Consoles/Mobiles
Platforms Tested: Windows

.Important\Additional Notes: 

1/ The 'Space Station' DemoLevel has additional content listed as below:

	- 6 Blueprint Objects
	- 4 Materials (2 Master + 2 Instances)
	- 8 Sound Cues
	- 9 sound Waves
	- 8 StaticMeshes
	- 1 IES File format

2/ The 'MoreInfos' scene contains more informations about the Blueprint objects, some Staticmeshes assemblies and some colorization examples

– Overview –


– A walkthrough of my overview level –


– BluePrint objects demonstration –

– Price –

49.99 USD

More Infos to come[/CENTER]

That definitely looks like a great value! Lots of interesting models in there.

Looking good! I like this, will bookmark.

This looks like a crazy good value pack! Nice work.

Feels like Mass Effect.

Hell yes! As a major fan of your Sci-fi Props Pack, I’m definitely going to buy this. :]

Nice work Oliver! Great to see more content from you. =)

@PixelForge: thanks!
[MENTION=434]BrUnO XaVIeR[/MENTION]: thanks!
@apoisonedgift: thanks!
@AE_3DFX: thanks ! (can’t wait for this game indeed :wink: )
@FastGamerr: thanks
@SE_JonF:yeah thanks!

More infos soon :wink:

I have been running in my overview level, see the first post for video :wink:

I did a video about how the ‘blueprints objects’ work.

look great,hope to see more assets come from you, nice job

Thanks for support! (Cool Artstation btw ;))

always love to have eye candy :smiley:

Hi all,

The pack has been approved. I will keep you informed about the release date :wink:

Congrats on the approval. =)

This looks extremely cool.

So are most objects modifiable via blueprints?

@SE_JonF: thanks again :wink:

Thanks for your comment!
There are 43 Blueprint objects in total (15 individual objects + 28 ‘Spline’ objects)
See the description above first post #1]( in – Technical Details – for more informations :wink:

Nice pack, You bringing this out for older engines?

Fantastic buy, thank you !

Thanks for your comment. No retro compatibility at this time, sry :wink:

Thanks for your support!