SciFi multiplayer shooter based on Risk

**Risk Inspired Multiplayer Shooter

5 teams of players battle for survival in a mysteriously abandoned city. Their goal is to methodically and strategically eliminate other teams. They can do this through brute force or the intelligent gathering of deadly resources. It would have a very tense emotional aspect, much like the board game risk, where upon elimination, said team leaves the match which continues without them. Teams must choose the correct time and place in a match to strike their enemies, but must also 4 other teams who could do the same to them.


  • First person or third person view point(still undecided, although probably FPS).
  • Slower paced, strategic combat
  • Emotional investment from potential elimination.
  • An immersive and interesting arena to fight in.
  • Loosely based on Risk

For more info, here is a link to a quick Google Doc with more in-depth design notes.

Team Structure**:**
Tyler Burns(Project Creator)/ Sound Design
Project Management, Game Design, Sound.

I have been making games as a hobby for about 8 years, but I am now desiring to create a legitimate project. I have job experience as an embedded systems programmer and musician, but my passion as always been game design. Over the past few years I have developed skills in music, coding and 3D art, so i am capable (barely) in most aspects of game development, but I would love to work in the areas of my strengths(music and design) and unite with others who are passionate about art and programming to create a fulfilling project where each person is passionate about their role in the project.

Anthony Zendejas & Andrew Armstrong
Concept Artists

Two guys who are great artists who will be helping with concept art and possibly other things when they can spare the time.

Talent Required:
Unreal C++ Developer

  • Confident in their ability to code in an intelligent and organized way
  • Familiar with Unreal and C++
  • Passionate about creating a unique and quality product
  • Must have a decent amount of spare time to dedicate to the project
  • Experience developing shooters is a plus

3D Artist

  • Passionate about art in general beyond just video games
  • Knowledge and ability to create awesome stuff in software such as Blender, Maya or 3DS max
  • Love of SciFi and fantasy
  • If you have experience in Characters, cityscapes, or architecture that would be a huge plus

I am hoping to build a team and develop relationships that could lead to future projects as well. I am hoping to spend lots of time over the next year or so on this project, and I hope to find other dedicated people as well. If you are interested in this project, but fell you are outside of these roles, that’s totally cool too. Feel free to contact me if you have any interest at all. Thanks

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord Server: Discord