SciFi Chambers

Hi all,

I’d like to show a scene artwork I had been working on for some time as a personal weekend project.

Its a Sci Fi environment with Control cabin and a Generator Hall. Currently there are no sounds in it as they are being done by an online friend and will take some time.

I also plan to release the assets and may be the whole scene on the Market place.

Let me know how do you all feel about it :slight_smile:


Nice stuff man!
Gives me a Doom 3 feeling… But without all the blood!

Hehe, thanks a lot man! Lot of people have found the Doom 3 feeling on this one :slight_smile:

The meshes look very nice and the mood is cool too :smiley:

Therefore, overall, it’s a bit to dark imho and some areas should have more brightness like in the first pic since you have many light sources. Shadows are almost non existent. I think that lighting need more work so areas should have a more unique look and feel. It look very good the way it is but could be much better with more work on the lighting.