SciFI Assault Troop set up in UE4, for just $10, plus 5 FREE music packs, just 12hrs.

Assault Force Troop for Unreal Engine

Superb highly detailed Sci Fi Character complete with 36 animations, set up for drag and drop into your unreal engine project. Pack is supplied with project files for Unreal 4, with materials, shaders, and animatons all setup for ease of use. No need for any conversion by yourself to use this product!!!

To purchase this product for use in Unreal Engine, its imperative you own an Unreal 4 Engine license.

Today only Arteria would like to offer this character for just $10 for the first 50 customers only. If you purchase this, you will also receive all of our SCI FI MUSIC PACKS FREE!!!

Product Page:

Heres a video of the animations(note the character Torso Design/texture has changed since he video, and is now more refined and improved, as in promo pics on this page)

Thankyou for all the support on this release.

Thankyou, yes, releasing lots more content continualy throughout the next few weeks into the coming months. Later today we will be releasing our OldWIseWizard character in unreal format.