SciFi Animated Doors Pack

Hello, Community !
I am happy to share my first pack on Unreal marketplace:

Sci-Fi Animated Doors Pack (Soon available on Unreal marketplace)Sci-Fi Animated Doors Pack contains 8 animated Sci-Fi doors with unique design and 2 texture PBR sets (worn, unworn) for each door, great for FPS, Third person and Top down type of games. This pack contains 8 Sci-Fi doors with reasonable polycount (144-843 polys per door) and animated with Blueprints.

Video Preview:

Marketplace Link: SciFi Animated Doors Pack in Props - UE Marketplace

Technical Details

8 optimized lowpoly door models ( 144-843 polycount)
16 Blueprints for each door condition (worn, unworn)
16 PBR materials
2 texture sets for each door (worn, unworn condition)
Texture format TGA 2048x2048 includes: Albedo, Baked normal, AO, Emission, Metallic for each door.

High resolution screenshots: