Scifi: Alien Inspired Interior set

Hey there,

I just wanted to share a little project I’m working on in my spare time away from my real work. Eventually I would like to submit this to the marketplace for people to dissect and use.
I’m creating the main assets with modularity in mind so I can quickly create a different hallway, room, etc. I’m using 100% tileable/seamless textures and custom/locked normals.

I have a full list of props that I will be making for the scene as well. I’ve only just started it but I need something to keep me busy on the weekends and its very early days. I haven’t had chance to do any personal work for a long time :frowning:

Any comments are more than welcome. Hope you enjoy.

make more of it :3 looks fanfantastic!

Looking good, something about the colours makes it look non generic. Two observations:

First are those fluorescent lights? It looks as if there’s a point light emitting light from them? Is this by design?

Second that floor looks like it’s made to make people slam their toes into it and trip. It would also be a pain in the *** to drag, slide or push anything across it. It should probably be flat or at the very least have some ramps to ease the bumps.

Is this final quality? the scene looks like produced in 2hours with quixel suit NDO from a youtube tutorial.
If I can give you a tip, then do more highpoly and bake to low and finish with similar methods NDO does.
Also make it PBR ready.

That’s because it was produced in 2 hours lol. It isn’t finished by any means, this was just a start showing the base of my set. And Im not doing many (if any at all) bakes on my assets. I did say that im adding the majority of the detail in the meshes rather than relying on normal maps to do it. And this is PBR :slight_smile: but cheers.

Sorry for my harsh words Herc, thats only my impressions.

I also do so, its look even better with real poly deepness then with normals. And highend grphics cards can handle millions and millions at the end the drawcalls will struggling the performance. Do you make one big texture map or consists the scene ov many objects with each his own materials?

I think it looks great, not sure what ‘theevil’ is talking about. The only things that stand out to me are the fluorescent tubes casting a point light, the floor texture repeating a little bit at a distance (maybe add some macro variation to the roughness?), and the padded sections look a bit flat because they’re relying on the normal map - I’d consider modelling that detail, if you have the time.