Scientific Modeling?

I’m relatively new to Unreal Engine and I was wondering if Unreal Engine good for scientific modeling? For example, if I were to simulate water flow over obstructions would it be behave accurately? If not are there any ways to input parameters and conditions to simulate the physics more accurately?

I dont think a game engine is a good choice for realtime liquid physics.

Not to my knowledge. UE4 is for entertainment primarily. There are amazing things you can do with it, and you can create scenarios that after tweaking will look visually realistic. But accurate simulation? No, its not a physics simulation package and there are lots of complaints right now about the current state of the physics system and how broken it is.

Even in UDK, developers tried to simulate tidal waves / tsunami like physics to carry debris, and I’m sure some are still trying, but Epic’s software isn’t really for this. Nvidia used to have interesting physics plug-ins for creating various fluid-dynamics scenarios though, but again it was mostly about creating a visual effect iirc and not accurate simulation.

This might be of interest: NVidia Flex
(Note, its not in the engine though…)

Is this still true in 2020? Since I have a similar question.