Science Project: Hit Events not working.

Hey guys. I’m a little new to Blueprinting, and am having some trouble. I have a counter that is running once I start a simple program. I have the Leap Motion plugin running, and a plugin that let’s me output the screenprint to a textfile, and am trying to detect a cube that is hit by the Leap Motion hand, and then stop the timer. The problem, is that no matter what I do, I can’t get the collision to work so that The block will detect that it was hit by the leap motion and change a variable I have stored to tell the timer to stop. Any help would be appreciated. Thx! :slight_smile:

On the leap motion 1 you will probably want to spawn an object and apply collision to it. Set the collision to overlap all and you should be away. Make sure on your block too that it also has collision enabled.

Thanks, I’ll go check that. Um, one other thing. The timer is set up in the level blueprint, and so once I get the collisions detecting I still can’t get them, the blueprint actors, to talk to the level blueprint to shut off the timer. Would you have any ideas?

Hey, so I changed the code to not notice when the box was hit but when it was overlapped, and set the Leap to Overlap and it worked. Don’t know why Hit’s weren’t working, but overlaps work for me (I just destroy the box afterwards). Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

No problem glad it fixed it. Hit events can be a bit finicky without proper collisions or physics etc so overlap is much better to use if the object is actually overlapping.

For your timer your best bet is to actually move that into your game mode or game instance blueprints and do the majority of your stuff in there. That way you can cast to it easily and you can also just drop that straight into another level without any copy pasting or other hacky methods. The level blueprint should be specifically for stuff that will only ever happen in that level specific to assets in that level.