Sci-Fi Work Station Trailer / high-poly is coming

Hello to all. I had again a lot of fun creating this asset pack, it’s the second one of my science fiction environment project. It’s great to know that now high-poly assets can be used by film makers but also by game designers thanks to Nanite technology.
I can’t wait to cover the character creation in order to show you videos with a real scenario, but in the meantime, the world I imagined is being created little by little. Here is my latest creation. I hope you’ll like the trailer. Music !

(for those interested, my store is here)


Wow, that is a serious workstation!!! :smiley:

Incredible meshes and awesome cinematic :slight_smile:


Thank you ! :grinning: actually it’s my baby, the first hard surface project I created. For its UE5 update I added the smart materials. The next project will be longer to arrive, it will be the starter kit 2 or a sci-fi props pack to fill my starter pack. :upside_down_face:

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Cool :slight_smile:

I must say that I look at the assets on Epic marketplace to see all meshes. Only thing I found weird is that the chair is all metal? It miss a fabric seat and backrest so your butt and back can be comfy :wink: Unless an android use the chair :stuck_out_tongue:

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It must be the director who ordered chairs on which the workers could not fall asleep! :rofl:


Greetings @KevinRoussille !

You never cease to amaze! This workstation is like Dead Space on steroids! You create such snazzy videos to promote your work! Not only that, you’ve made the workstation modular and extremely customizable. Very admirable work!

Androids have butts, too. #SaveAndroidButts LOL! :rofl:

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