Sci-Fi Strategy Browsergame // Looking for developer!

Hello folks,

I would like to talk a bit about my idea and to look for some developer!

The Idea behind ExoStellar 2540

ExoStellar 2540 is a Sci-Fi bsed Strategy game. It is an browsergame, not a real time strategy game. The game takes place in a huge, always growing galaxy, with many solar systems and planets. At the beginning of the game, the player can choose one of many races with the ultimate goal to conquer the galaxy! There are many ways to archive this goal: Pure force, clever trading or tactical politics!

What are the main functions?

  • Unique races with diferent styles to play
  • Different planettypes and different features
  • Pen & Paper like, turnbased battle system
  • Strikes and Raids for the endgame
  • Three different classes: Military, Politics and Economy
  • Huge, always growing world!

Milestone Alpha

As good as it sounds, this goal isn’t done in a few moments. So we want start with an Alpha Game, only containing the corefunctions of the game! After that we want to start with a Beta, containing more of the main functions mentioned above!

Project status

99% of the core functions are defined. There are only a few things to finish. We are now at a point where we need an developer.
While in developing we want to look for more helping hands like Concept Artis and Digital Artist.

What are we looking for exactly?

The team consists of two members: me and a media designer in trainee. We are both from germany, so german speaking would be nice, but is not a must have! We are looking for a Unreal Engine 4 developer for developing the core functions and be the Developing God of our team! Of course you should be able to develop the game.

  • Because we dont have a budget this game is currently more a hobby project. The complete work is unpaid!*

** Further planning of the project**

The Alpha is a closed Alpha. Only friends and other people should play the game to help us find bugs, testing and balancing. While the Alpha is running, we want to look for some artists to make our game look great! And we want to develope an Open Beta to gather some fans and show them our new features! When everything is going well, we want to publish the game and release new updates regulary!

If there are any questions please contact me!

Cheers, Timmy