SCI-FI STARTER PACK | Modular | High-Poly | Smart Materials

Hello everyone, I’m happy to present you my new Sci-Fi modular pack for filmakers and game designers. I hope you’ll like it.
Available here: SCI-FI STARTER PACK

High poly science fiction starter pack. Build your own science fiction base or Spaceship.
A cinematographic result - ideal for realistic scene composition and video game cinematic!

The high poly meshes are all modeled with 2 bevels on their entire edge to perfectly reflect the light. A normal map could not reach such a level of realism.

The meshes are modular and can easily be moved on a Base 10 grid.

They have between 1 and 7 materials in order to have a maximum realism. The scene represented on the images of the description uses only 18 unique materials while it is composed of more than a hundred meshes. This is the result of high poly meshes combined with high resolution textures.

The meshes are textured with smart materials. You can insert 3 layers that will overlap.

The masks assigned to each layer allow to modify the aspect of the meshes at will.

Do not hesitate to duplicate the Materials to modify the aspect of your scene because the appearance will be different but the UE5 engine will always call the same textures… The fewer textures you use, the slower you’ll use up your streaming pool. So the duplication of smart materials does not have a negative effect on the engine! For example: there are 2 metal walls (base), the first one is dirty at 25% and the second one at 75% (setting with covering 2) and you add rust, the first wall is rusted at 10% and the second one at 50% (setting with covering 2). So we have 2 totally different walls and yet, the engine calls the same textures to cover them.

The Pack have several smart materials but it’s easy to create your own, the possibilities are endless: drag and drop your textures.

Have fun !