Sci-fi Shooter looking for Developers (Intermediate)

HatchFox Studios is a small remote development group that is currently dedicated to game development for PC and console games. We started in late 2016 and have been in development of a sci-fi multiplayer shooter. The group has gone through lots of changes from the team, project, and business and this has helped us get a clear and structured vision.

Project Athena - TBD
Athena is a futuristic, multiplayer, FPS. the aim is to create an amazing player experience using multiple design strategies from constantly changing environments, dynamic characters, realistic gunplay, fast-paced gameplay, engaging vehicular combat, teamwork and many other advanced and tactical gameplay mechanics. This is a boots on the ground game with all the perks of a sci-fi shooter.

(already on the team)
1 Technical Lead (Programmer UE4)
1 Creative Director (Game Designer)
1 Modeller (Generalist)
1 Concept Artist (Generalist)
1 Artist (Generalist)
1 Community Manager and Narrative Director
1 Composer

HatchFox Studios is an underfunded startup. However, we have multiple ways of compensating the team.

Royalty this means that each team member gets a small percentage of the game on release (only for the dedicated devs)

Pay Per Asset this means that if someone comes on to the project for a small duration or is limited in the work they can do (maybe other reasons) we record and make sure we know who did what. This means that when we get funding or release the game we will pay back all the artists and developers that contributed.

Wages this means that when we receive funding via a publisher, investor or otherwise it goes to the team and will continue to help fund the game on a full-time budget.

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Strong English speaking

Communication skills are a must.

UE4 Intermediate

Working knowledge of unreal engine 4.

Intermediate knowledge of blueprint code in unreal engine 4.

Must be comfortable working in crunch time.

Knowledge of physics in the engine a plus.

Must be willing to work remotely.


Knowledge of replication in the engine a plus.

Knowledge of multiplayer systems a plus.

UE4 advanced (knowledge)

Basic grasp on C++ for use in UE4.

UX design/UI implementation experience.

AI programming.

Level Design

Vehicle physics knowledge.

2+ years in the industry.

Game direction knowledge.

Management experience

Other Positions available:

Unreal Engine 4 developer (Blueprints)
Level Designer (UE4)
Environmental Artist
3D Animator
3D Modeller
Texture artist

Not on the list? If you are interested still get in touch.

Contact Details

If there are any questions please let us know.

If you are interested please send in some past work information about yourself and anything else what we should know.

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Discord: Sasha#6104
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