Sci-Fi Server Room

Hey Guys

I’ve been given permission by Aaron Foster to release my Sci-Fi Server Room on the Unreal Marketplace. Aaron Foster is the guy that produced the concept art that the scene is based on.

The scene is currently in CryEngine so it will take a significant chunk of time to port over therefore I wanted to gauge interest in this project before committing.

I’ve attached some screenshots:

The project is quite a few years old now so I also plan on making improvements based on my current skill set.

Heres a few questions I would also like to know if possible:

1: Is there anything you would like to see added or removed from the project?

2: Would you buy the pack if the majority of assets used 4.19’s Advanced Layered Materials?

3: What sort of customization would you like to see added to the scene?

Thanks in advanced. If there’s enough interest, I’ll commit to this work