Sci fi scene

Hi all,

I have been working on a scene within UE4, it was completed a while ago but has now been updated.

I’m considering releasing the project for download and also doing a video breakdown of the scene. Is this something that folks would be interested in?

Here are a few renders:

I like the scene a lot.
Did you use modular elements with the pillars to construct the scene? Is it one mesh?
How did you build the UV maps?
How did you approach PBR? The emmisive mapping fits well, how did you construct the material for this?

These are questions I would have for you. Of course if you provide a download to showcase your work it would be well appreciated, and answer a lot of potential questions via example. Otherwise some discussion or tutorial would also be nice to share. Please let’s discuss and share our experiences with developing detailed environments. It will do nothing but improve all our art.

Hi Triplexx,

Thanks for looking! The scene is constructed pretty much entirely from modular meshes. There is a single master material that is used throughout that support emissive etc. All of the materials in the scene are using material instances. I am getting everything together for this to release it as an example project as soon as I can as I’m quite busy, hopefully someone will find it useful!

I’m using the master materials and modular assets approach myself.
Looking forward to breaking it down. I’m sure many people would appreciate you sharing your knowledge, and will find it useful.


Fantastic work theonebutcher! I really like how everything is laid out in the design of the scene. I can’t wait to see the finished project. Keep up the fantastic work!

Ah thanks Sean! I’m releasing the project later today! Going to put the download up soon! thanks all for looking!

Love the look of this!

Yes please :slight_smile: I’m doing a sci-fi themed game.

Hi all, you can grab the project now from;

(I will be posting an updated link later, as it appears there was too much traffic! apologies)

would love to hear feedback as well!


Here are some links for download!


Hope people find it useful!

@theonebutcher thank for you this :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic! If you still want to make a video I’d be interested in hearing anything you have to say about it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, Ill get a video breakdown done as soon as possible and get it posted up on here. Thanks again for looking!

Thanks for sharing… :slight_smile:
The readme file [with the compressed file] said
Create for: version 4.4.1
Now; I have to search and download the latest UE4 version…
wished if it was created for UE 4.4.o :wink:

There is no code in the project.
You should be able to open it with a previous version.

Have you tried that first?

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:
Honestly; I didn’t try; because of that state in the readme file…
I’ll check it…
Best Regards

I did try open the peoject with UE 4.4.0… and Yes; it was OK… :slight_smile:
Thanks again

Thanks for sharing the scene theonebutcher! I actually tried it out with oculus dk2, had to turn down the settings a bit to get smooth, but its a great atmosphere :slight_smile:
My only critiques are the lens flare effect texture (I think it was this? maybe its another effect), it showed up quite a bit do to the lighting so it was like my lens had a slight overlay over it all the time (tbh I don’t like this effect really much in any game). Also is there an auto-dof? Was making it hard to get close to objects and view detail, like the focus was beyond that.

Other than that, really beautiful scene, had great presence with dk2 :slight_smile:

awesome :slight_smile: