Sci-Fi Rpg Game I'm working on

Guys, I started off a sci-fi rpg project, but I don’t know how to quite bring all the visual elements together in Unreal Engine for props
and stuff to set up these sci-fi scenes that my script requires…

For one I’m having trouble choosing a spaceship now to complete the title screen…I was hoping there would be a
spaceship similar to Normandy in the design but not the same design, but I’ve looked around on Turbosquid for a similar
design, but can’t seem to find the right ship…

I’m only new to Unreal Engine, but I have started some work on one level.
screenshots are on the site. I don’t quite know where to put the elements at the moment.

How do we make good title screens?

website: (not a paid site)

FYI: Your website link appears to be down.

If you can’t find a good spaceship model I would consider using Blender ( ) so you can get the exact look you’re after.

If you’re not quite ready for Blender you could give Sketchup ( ) a try!

Ooops sorry about that, I typed it slightly off, the site url should now be working. There are elements at the moment all out of place, because I’ve not put together a game like this before. The unreal screenshots are under game dev tab. Blender has got problems importing and exporting with FBX to Unreal but if its just a static mesh you’re making then I should export to Unreal ok, but if the mesh has got bones then it will cause bone issues for Unreal , and also it likes to add in multiple root bones.

I feel like I should warn you before someone’s legal department does, studios may not be too happy to see you using artwork and characters from their games and franchises to advertise your own product (such as Lady from Devil May Cry 3). Taking bits and pieces of artwork found online and putting them together in Photoshop is asking for trouble. You’ll want to either buy the rights to the artwork legally or make it yourself from scratch.

My Product? What Product? I wasn’t making any commercial Store Retail product. The Lady pic wasn’t taken by me from Commercial Game artwork from the internet, You got that wrong. The pic in question came from Turbosquid being provided by them as a paid game asset. They obviously made a mistake here with the licensing rights and I’ve contacted Turbosquid about the licensing error they made on that image and its now been fixed… And because I never seen or played Devil May Cry 3 that you mention. I would not have known that Turbosquid had incorrectly licensed this lady image out as a game asset. For there was no Editorial License warning up on the image to let me know that it might possibly have any unresolved licensing issues.

So the pic has been removed and I will have to find another asset for the loana character of my game. Now you also accuse me of getting my AA models from unlicensed sources just because you saw these AA models being used in other commercial video games. That statement is also wrong. I had brought the licenses to all my AA and other low poly models for my game. I brought them under royalty free licenses, the high quality AA models in my artwork on my site are under a worldwide royalty free license. I guess you don’t realize that Turbosquid provides all kinds of professional made models for game developers all around the world for use in their game projects under a worldwide royalty free license
as well as making them available for developers under other licenses.

The right to use those AA models also goes for artwork for websites comes also under the royalty free license. Because I already checked to find out what my licensing rights are with the copyright agent
of the site I brought the models from.

So as far as I’m concerned the seller is the one that’s responsible for not double checking out the licenses on the assets first making them avaliable for distribution to game developers in the online marketplace and has nothing to do with the customer. The customer is not responsbile for the FAILURE of internal quality control checks.

SECOND, all game artwork from my site comes from public domain or creative common sources. Or from Pixabay. It is also Pixabay’s responsibility to its users to make sure that all their licensing on their images they provide for use in the public domain for their users have the correct licensing. And if they are any licensing errors or any images that got accidentally licensed in the public domain by mistake then they are responsible to correct the error or to put a notice up to let the user know its not in the public domain…