Sci-Fi Multiplayer Sports Game Dedicated Server


Hello potential candidates, I’m Kozen, an Industrial designer and that works in events. I’m making my first game and my team and I are pretty far along.
The game is a simple sci fi rugby sports game, multiplayer, team work oriented, aimed at dedicated server. Players will play a 3on3 and 5on5.

Team Structure**:**
Kozen D Gray (Project Creator)
Project Managment, Creative Director, HR, Level Designer

Server specialist

Intermediate BP & Animations

**Talent Required: **Looking for long term hires, 4-12 months. Please be a team player and able to take direction.

[Environment Artist]

  • Skilled at creating Surreal Environments
  • Can make materials

[3D Artist]

  • Sculpting cloth
  • Hard surface sculpting
  • ZBrush or Blender

[Texture Artist]

  • skilled at Substance painter
  • Good painter

[Advanced Gameplay BP Programmer]

  • Can adapt to existing code
  • Can create clean simple code that gets results

[VFX Artist]

  • Can create a variety of special effects in unreal engine.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord : kozendgray#5573

Please contact me on either platforms. Please message me with your portfolio and desired rate.