Sci-Fi Mod Idea!

**Not too long ago, I got the idea for a mod that focuses mainly on science fiction, and changes both the player models and the abilities they have. ***My idea was that with sufficient progression on their first survivor, they obtain the ability to start over in a new, substantially more alien body, with dino-like abilities, while still retaining the ability to wield tools, build standard structures, and (in most cases) ride mounts. These forms would have a ‘tier’ system that would mean that, upon being unlocked with sufficient progression, players would be able to switch to a different creature, with enhanced abilities and power. Was thinking about using a system similar to the backups of the Play as Dino mod in order to save progress on multiple aliens, so the transition between tiers wont be as unforgiving. Along with this tier system, when sufficient conditions are met (thinking about having this activate once ascension has been achieved on all available alpha guardians? not sure though), the matriarch/patriarch version of each alien is revealed, and the transition happens immediately after the final action is completed. These versions have more abilities, and extremely enhanced stats compared to their normal counterparts, and thus, are highly sought after.

With each tier, there is an aquatic and land-dwelling equivalent. The land-dwelling variety are typically smaller, but are more maneuverable and can ride mounts, and all structures they can build are simply upscale/downsized to fit to their sizes. The aquatic variety, however, are almost always quite a lot larger, more powerful, but are much more restricted in terms of what normal survivors are typically capable of. All aquatics past tier 2 are unable to ride mounts, and the highest tiered are unable to make traditional structures altogether, and have to use alternatives due to their sheer size. *

I am able to do all of the modeling, rigging, and weight painting, but I’m not the best with coding or animations (though I can learn how to animate.), and because of this, I can’t make it on my own. I do have limited coding knowledge, but my computer isn’t quite fit for it. I’m much better with creature sculpting, but I can do structures.

- If interested in helping out, feel free to reply, and I will be making a discord server for development if people show interest, and I will be replying to this thread with already drawn concepts if wanted (though I need to remake them, as the first concepts are quite old.)

Currently working on one of the models, which when the base is completed, will be uploaded here