Sci-fi Hallway environment

Hi everyone,

Currently I am working on a piece for my environment art portfolio based on a concept by Ken Fairclough’s concept
Right now I have finished the basic modeling and textures, a couple of spots around the scene and some emission from the floor, I think the next step is adding a couple of props.
Hopefully with a couple more pieces like this I can apply for an evironment artist job at a game studio, currently I do mostly archviz prerendered images but have always wanted to work in games.
All comments on how to improve the scene are very welcome :).

Here is the final scene after 40 hrs of work.

Tanks frantech! I’ll try to think of a story I can tell withing the scene adding a couple more elements, I really need this scene to pop out when people look at my porfolio so that I can hopefully land a job in a game studio.

Updated the lighting and textures.


Looking good! Some parts still look a bit too bland though imo. Some more grunge and wear could help I think.

Another thing that might enhance the scene is dust particles / perhaps some subtle fog on the floor (4.16 volumetric fog ftw), maybe some more props such as cables hanging here and there, yeah i’m already out of ideas sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated the lighting and added a background plane with an image from NASA.

How does it actually look with the right, is not thought well is legally protected? Does the concept artist knowing from your 1 to 1 copy?

PS: One of the best looking hallway also need some finetuning.

If you have any ideas for fine tuning I’ll be happy to hear them, that’s why I posted it here :slight_smile: l

I sent the concept artist a message on his original post and gave him full credit for the concept on mine, I hope he doesn’t have a problem since I’m not using it commercially only for my portfolio. If he ever objects to it I will gladly take it down intermediately.

I think it looked better when it was all nice and clean and new looking.

-i think of 2 or 3 canister variations with some decals like this.- YouTube
-Cables and pipes with decals an normal decals.
-why not use some cloth parts on steel angle or somewhat which is currently very popular

For sure one clean new and one aged as a comparison for portfolio can have advantages.

what program do you make all your assets in?

All the modeling for this scene was in 3ds max, then the first texture pass was made in DDO but I later switched to substance painter because it was easier and faster to work with. Unwrapping done with UV layout.