Sci fi farm :: Harvesters

Hi all! This is my first post on this forum, but, I have been using Unreal engine for few years now and never posted anything in here (not sure why :confused: ). Ok, so this is my latest WIP. It’s a Sci Fi Farm. Big fleshy plants are being harvested for a specific chemical used in manufacturing food products. Basically, humans inhabit these new worlds and build farms to harvest anything they can use for their own benefit. I’m posting WIP that’s pretty far along but I figured there is a lot more to do so getting some feedback would be very useful.

I have been playing around with photogrammetry, so some rock are sculpted and some are photogrammetry. Also, I have been playing around with Subsurface Profile and I think I’m getting pretty good results. Software used: Blender, ZbrushCore, Unreal 4, and Quixel Suite.

I will be posting progress as much as possible. Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

Here are couple of shots (there are many more on my website):

Here is some more progress:

  • Getting closer to finishing the man Refinery building,
  • Adjusted lighting for some more contrast,
  • Adjusted SSS on fleshy plants,
  • Some minor tweaks to foliage and other things.



Geometry looks great, but I think the materials and lighting could do with some work - everything seems to be quite plastic right now?

Thanks, ambershee! Hmm,i am using Quixel suite to create material textures so all these should be PBR accurate materials. Unless something is getting lost from Quixel to UE4. I’ll look into my material setup in UE4, maybe I can improve some of them.

Some more overall progress:

I was thinking the same thing… As you said, the geometry is excellent!


Looks amazing. Any intentions for this?

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:
@teak421: I’m curious what part looks like plastic? Last 4 screens I posted have updated materials and lighting. Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:
@Pinworm: It’s mostly just practice. I’m trying to come up with ideas that might be a little harder to execute and get them looking right. This one in particular I wanted to be alien and yet it could exist on earth. Still a lot more to go before I get there. I may also post some of the foliage up for people to use.

Let me be clear first though… your work is OUTSTANDING and I would love to have 1/20th of your talent…so, I could be offbase in my thinking. One the main unit, the metal almost looks like Air Conditioning Duck… it doesn’t look sturdy enough…Almost thin… Also on the main unit, the red tubes look too plastic… Assuming its supposed to be metal, right?


I appreciate the kind words! And, you are not off base at all…I wanted to make it look like it was made from light metal for fast and easy assembly and disassembly. I will be adding paint layers to it. Pipes are just supposed to be painted metal so I think they look pretty good. I will be tweaking all these as I go along, but I really appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

Brilliant stuff. This could be a plot for a film. Any idea on what direction you want to take it as game?

Also it’s nice to see which software you use. Just curious why you went with Quixel Suite over Substance Painter?

Nice work so far, looking forward to the final composition. =)

@IndieCrusader: I do have a “longer” synopsis describing the place and what they are harvesting, where the people come from, fauna biology,…etc. If I can come up with some compelling story and world and clearly present it in this environment I don’t see why this couldn’t be turned into a sci fi exploration game. :slight_smile: As far as Quixel and Substance: I have been using Quixel since it came out and I’m pretty comfortable with it and it does what I want it to do. Substance I use at work and it does what we need it to do. I don’t think one is better then the other, per se, it’s just a preference based on the need or look personally. I model and UV everything in Blender, texture in Quixel, and sculpt with ZbrushCore. I try to keep my pipeline at home as slim as possible.

@SE_JonF: Thanks! :slight_smile: In the end I’ll have a video and a ton of images. I wont be focusing on one area in particular but the entire environment. Love all your work, by the way.

@Poligonz - Even better, looking forward to it. And thanks man! =)

If thin is what you are after… you nailed it. Can’t wait to see the final stuff.


Curious… What did you use as reference? Did you just come up with this? Or, did something inspire you? Thx.


I looked up some Refineries for the main building to get me started, but, the design is all me. Same with the harvesters, I wanted them to look like flying tanker trucks. Environment it self and the rest of the stuff I sketched out until I was happy with the way it was going and I just made everything. Still a lot more work to do. :slight_smile:

Another quick update:

-added few more things to the main refinery (they may not be noticeable)
-redid some things on the Harvester to make it look more like a tanker wagon/truck
-minor material, lighting, and misc. adjustments.

I’m getting close to being done. :slight_smile:


Seen at Polycount, i love your work, sell it at the Marketplace! :wink:

This is great. It has a Simon Stalenhag feel to it. Can’t wait to see more!