Sci-fi Environment and Film


I’ve recently just finished the vineyard competition and I eagerly await the results of the judging. In the meantime and as my next project! I had a lot of ideas stem from The Vineyard competition and I’m eager to get hammering on them in a niche that I’m more suited for.
I plan on spending at the very least 6 weeks on the project, but to reach the quality I desire it could go on much longer than that. I’m totally okay with that

This time I have a programmer friend Chris working with me so we can make some cool stuff together!
Ultimately the goal of the project is making a film, but I’ll have a heavy focus on the environment and the architecture.
I’ll be writing a script, storyboard, modeling, and animating a few characters for it as well. All things I’ve done before but never all for a single project. It’s a great opportunity to combine my knowledge and learn more about the engine at the same time.

Many tools will be utilized through the duration of the project to achieve my goal. My starting tools are posted below.
• Zbrush
• Maya
• Substance Designer
• Photoshop
• Unreal Engine 4

The location of the film is hard to say considering it is sci-fi. Most of the things designed will be coming out of my head, and from a made up universe inspired by the Blacklight game series, but I’ve got my mind set on a snow environment for now.

I’ve already tossed out some concept art in photoshop to help me organize my brain on what kind of shapes I’d like to see in the environment:

I also sat down today and started working on a heavily modular metal material. I tore apart the ‘normals from height’ and geared it more toward my own uses. It uses very small tiled maps in combination with a per-object pattern or a seamless pattern for loads of different iterations it can support. I’ll have more examples of this soon, but it essentially lets me use ~1200 kb of images in a modular way that looks 4k instead of loading in a 4k normal map that is non-modular and ~20000kb resource size. Each pattern I make is ~43kb resource size so there is plenty of room to grow :smiley:

Pic below:

Update time!
I’ve been spending some time working on UI as an excuse to learn it. Wound up making myself something nice. Seems like this project grows every day :slight_smile: Not super decided on where it’ll wind up right now, but we’ll definitely be making the film first still.
I’ve made some quick music for the menu, it’s got an intro and a looping part it cycles into for now. I also have settings save-states in so client settings remain persistent between launches of the game. Today I’m flushing out a few more features of the UI for fun.

Today’s update!

Chris has had a php login thing in the works for a little while now and we’re putting it to good use. We now have a working login/logout in game using the JSONQuery plugin.
Here’s a look:

I’m loving your environment. The materials look very real. Is it taking place on a moon like titan?

Thanks! All I’ve really decided aside from shapes I want is that it’ll take place in a modular environment; space would be fun though. I have a snow height exposed on my landscape so I can control snow level.
I’m working on clouds today and chris is well on his way with our procedural snow :slight_smile:
More updates later as we go!


I’ve been self-studying geology for about two weeks now and I’ve gotten around to taking what I’ve learned and am applying it to my work now. I went ahead and remade the mountains landscape and turned it into something much better. I tossed it in engine today and set up my grass. I’ve got a screenie below. One of the plans for the landscape is for it to have the ability to freeze over when it starts snowing. This is the reason behind it being green right now. I’m looking forward to some pretty crazy weather fx for our film :slight_smile:

Today’s update!
We’re participating in the game jam and needed some material to represent ourselves so I’ve thrown together something I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while.
I have a slightly longer animatic that I’d like to do, but the jam starts today so we’re focusing on that :slight_smile:

Today’s update!

We finished up the epic game jam and now I’m back to work on the film!
I sketched up a quick character concept this morning over an anatomical bust I’ve made, he’ll be 3D soon!