Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler - game prototype

Greetings friends,

I would like to introduce our playable game prototype we are working on. There is a short video showing what is coming with the prototype.

Hope you would like it.


Looks very interesting, will be keeping an eye on this. =)

This is looking good. The shift from grid based movement to tbs tactical combat is a very clever idea. Are you guys planning a crowdfunding campaign? I’ll be keeping on eye out. Cheers,


This looks great! I will definitely be watching out for this one!

That is pretty cool. Looks very promising.

Many thanks guys for your kind words. The prototype will be probably available in April for everyone.


Looking really good so far! I was wondering, you said this is a prototype, is this level of detail/polish expected of a functional prototype or did you take it a few steps further to really showcase what you were doing? (Newbie question)

Thanks in advance, looks really great!

Awesome job!

Nexomnix: What you see in the video is what you get with playable prototype. I call it a prototype because some features will be missing in first build and all visuals shown in video are only placeholders, this is not a visual level planned for final game and will be pushed further by a lot (new UI, more various modules, new materials, new lighting).

Cybereality: thank you so much

Great and solid work!
Loved the console/UI. :smiley:

This looks extremely cool, and we definately need more games like this! Keep it up!

Creasso: thanks man. How is your hack’n’slash project I remember from UDK forum?

Stavaas: I’m glad you like it. Thank you.